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Associations AMPED Up!

Associations AMPED Up! is where you’ll get a better understanding of the AMC model through conversations with association professionals. We’ll dive into the principles and best practices to which they adhere and the tools and initiatives they use to help their client associations grow. Whether you are an emerging or seasoned association professional, we hope you will enjoy the insights our guests will bring to this podcast.

Dec 6, 2020

When an association board decides to change to a management company, it could be difficult without a clear path, timeline and a project management mindset. Staff, finances, membership, technology and communications, among others, must all be considered. AMPED Chief of Staff Emily Petersen manages and oversees association clients’ transitions. Transitioning is not just a journey from A to B; Emily will describe how she uses the transition to discover organizational procedures that can be improved. If Emily has her way, the board will see and experience efficiency and streamlining by the next meeting, confirming its decision was sound. Listen as Emily describes how she leads staff to transition clients in 30, 60, and 90 days. While not ideal, Emily has even transitioned a client in nine days!